Repair Cost

Having an extended service contract on your vehicle will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to pay the high repair costs if your vehicle breaks down. Did you know that having an extended service contract can also increase the value of your vehicle? Potential buyers know that you took proper care of your vehicle.

Claims Department Phone Numbers:

NASC: 877-356-1500

OMEGA: 877-850-0443

Typical Costs

We want to help you make a smart decision about an extended service contract that is right for you, so we have provided a list of typical costs for some common repairs:

​Mechanic’s hourly rate $105/hour

Engine Rebuild $2600

Engine Replacement $3900

Transmission Rebuild $1600

Transmission Replacement $3400

Power Steering $875

Air Conditioning $925

Fuel Injectors $960

Water Pump $560

Fuel Pump $535

CV Joints $410

ABS Brake Module $1380

Electronic Control Unit $1125

Suspension $630

Power Seat $510

Cruise Control Module $550

Power Window $375